Many people ask, what does the $150 cover?

It covers housing, food, clothing, utilities, medical and schooling (tuition, books, uniforms & transportation). The $150 does not cover any administrative or construction cost. Those costs are being covered by special fund raisers, like our LHI golf outing, the musical that is put on by the OPC Players, the 5K “Run for a Future” and other donations.

You may be aware of organizations like World Vision and Compassion International which charge a lot less (typically between $35 and $38 per month). Both are worthy organizations and do a great job, but they do not provide complete care for orphaned children. At LHI, we actually take guardianship of each orphaned child. They are our children totally and we take care of every need they have. Learn more about our children here.

I hope that I have stirred your interest in supporting an orphaned child in Zambia. If you choose to become a sponsor, you will initially receive a picture and information about the child. You will be asked to periodically write to the child and in June when the Oak Pointe Church Mission Team visits Zambia you will have the opportunity to send a gift package to your child or actually visit the children. If $150 is too much for your budget, you or we can find other sponsors to share the expense. We have Life Groups and extended families sponsoring children. Be a part of this God Mission and sponsor one of our children.

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