How are the LHI children chosen?

We at LHI begin the process by praying to God and asking Him to guide us to the children He has selected for us. We generally choose children from the rural villages. We contact the local pastors or community leaders and seek their help in identifying “at risk” children who would benefit from what LHI has to offer. Our first priority is “double orphans” – those children that have lost both parents, and are in the custody of ill equipped, disinterested, or, sadly, exploitative individuals. Secondly, we will accept “single orphans” – a child who has lost either the mother or the father and due to extenuating circumstances the remaining parent is unable or unwilling to care for the child. In many cases LHI is rescuing the child from a life of hunger, servitude and sometimes sexual abuse.

We then confirm with the guardians or next-of-kin their willingness to have LHI take custody and raise the child. We then proceed to have the guardian or next-of-kin sign the appropriate documents providing LHI legal guardianship of the child. This is necessary in case the child would ever need medical attention. LHI will not pay guardians or next-of-kin to obtain children. LHI chooses boys and girls depending on the openings available at the homes. LHI typically choses children between the ages of 6 to 9.

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