Today, LHI’s Zambian staff includes a Director and six house mothers who help maintain our rental property housing 30 children. An estimated $2 million is needed to complete the entire complex. With the necessary funds, the time needed to complete our community could be reduced.

Based on our budget and the weather in Zambia (exterior projects will probably be stopped during the rainy season from November to February), our project timeline spans the course of 5 years and is divided into 7 phases.

Phase One

  • Construct the road – Completed
  • Dig and install two wells – Completed
  • Move the electrical powerlines adn install the transformer and substation – Completed

Phase Two

  • Clear Land – Underway; Ongoing
  • Begin building Guest Housing #10 (serve as residence for Doctors rotating through Med Clinic & Construction Supervision) – Underway; Finalize April/May 2013
  • Install inground irrigation system for coffee – First section completed; Finalize after bulldozing April/May 2013
  • Plant first crop of coffee – Oct/Nov 2012; 7 year duration

Phase Three

  • Build Medical Clinic #1 and Church #2 – April/November 2013

Phase Four

  • Begin Wall Construction – April 2014
  • Build School and Library #4, #5 & 6th and Dining Hall #8 – April/November 2014

Phase Five

  • Build Orphan Housing #12 – April/Nov 2015
  • Finalize Soccer Field #9, Field House and Stadium Seating #7 – April/November 2015

Phase Six

  • Construct Directors’ Housing #11 – April/November 2016

Phase Seven

  • Complete Guest Housing #10 – April/November 2017
  • Complete Wall Construction – November 2017

Thanks to our Corporate Sponsors!

  • Lafarge SA (South East Africa) is providing all the cement needs for the complete campus.
  • Munali Coffee is providing coffee seedlings for planting on the LHI land for sustainability.

Learn More

Download our Vision, Values and Direction brochure to learn more about what LHI is doing.


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