Give Hope Today! Sponsor a Child!

When you give hope by sponsoring a child with Living Hope you do much more than give financially. Your sponsorship supports the life-changing work of God by providing

• A safe, loving home
• Education including college
• Nourishing food
• Mentoring through the local church
• Medical care
• A relationship with you, the sponsor

Living Hope is truly giving hope to orphaned children in Zambia. We are seeing our children become responsible adults succeeding in college, careers and most importantly sharing the hope of Christ, they have received. Give hope today! Sponsor a child.

Sponsorship is Relationship

Sponsoring a child from the Living Hope family is a life-changing relationship. Not only does your sponsorship change the life of the child, sponsorship changes your life.

As a Sponsor with Living Hope, you are encouraged to develop a relationship with the child you sponsor. Take advantage of our secure sponsor-portal and send a Hope Note. As a sponsor, you are asked to send gifts to your child with one of the mission teams and you are even able to visit your sponsored child by participating in one or our trips.

Begin today and experience the joy of relationship by sponsoring a child with Living Hope International.

Send a Hope Note

Sending a Hope Note is a great way to encourage the child you sponsor. Your sponsored child would love to hear from you and know a little about you and your family. Expressing your love and care through a Hope Note is another brick in the foundation on which they will build their life.

Not sure what to write? Check out the tips for writing a Hope Note.

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Pray For Your Sponsored Child

Praying for the child you sponsor is essential. Not sure what to pray? Ask God to

• Establish your sponsored child’s identity as His child
• Provide health and safety for your sponsored child
• Inspire your sponsored child to work hard and persevere in their education
• Establish Living Hope as a loving family
• Maintain relationships with your sponsored child’s extended family if possible

There is nothing more powerful than prayer. Cover your child in prayer. Use the Hope Note to exchange prayer requests with your sponsored child and pray for each other!


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